1.5 Years


About The Course

The programme is aimed at developing highly competent Business Researchers capable of undertaking postgraduate studies. It is designed to meet the increasing demands of Applied Business Environments. The combination of research, training and specialist knowledge throughout the programme enable graduates to:

. Improve the effectiveness of organizations

. Contribute to the knowledge base and advance their standing.

. Recognition in the field to enhance their career progression.

Entry Requirements

1. Master's Degree with (16 years of education) in relevand Discipline from HEC Recognized University with at least 65% marks / 2.5 CGPA out of 4.0 under the semester system or 50% marks annual system.

2. Valid GRE International/ NTS Devised GAT-General result with score as per HEC policy at the time of admission.

Course overview
first Semester

Subject Credit Hours  
Corporate Information Strategy & Management 3 Credit hours  
Advanced Research Methods 3 Credit hours  
Elective - I 3 Credit hours  
Elective - II 3 Credit hours  

second Semester

Subject Credit Hours  
Multivariate Analysis 3 Credit Hours  
Strategic Management 3 Credit Hours  
Elective - III 3 Credit Hours  
Elective - IV 3 Credit Hours  

third Semester

Subject Credit Hours  
Thesis Research Paper Publish 6 Credit Hours  

Specialization / Elective Subjects

Customer Relationship Management
Marketing of Services
Marketing Research
Strategic Marketing
Corporate Governance
International Finance
Mergers Acquisition & Corporation Restructuring
Strategic Finance
Human Resource Management
Recruitment and Selection
Personal Training and Development
Conflict and Negotiation Management
Learning Organization